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Digital analytics agency

Data quality

Our analytics team ensures your data is always safe and secure by delivering high quality validation and reports.

Analytics implementation

13 years of analytics implementation, quality insurance, and reporting with 500+ Digital Analytics projects.

Tag managers experts

Applying industry best practices, naming conventions, we enable your analytics tag managers at the next level.

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Best practices, best tools

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Get the best out of your data

On a Daily basis, our Web analytics agency work systematically to integrate best practices in our core of digital analytics processes and make our expertise available for the benefit of our partners

Analytics Work Flow

Our digital analytics approach









All-in-one digital analytics services

Track what matters with our digital analytics agency


Real time analytics

Learn the best practices!

Bring your online data to life! We bring value to your team by sharing our knowledge, applying best digital analytics practices to leverage your real time analytics. We love to innovate and transform your big data using best APIs and connectors.

A successful digital analytics practice starts with a fresh implementation using industry standard best practices. Take advice from our Adobe Analytics consultant and Google Analytics consultant.practices.


Online marketing

Track what’s matter you the most!

Properly tracking your online campaigns and marketing initiatives is critical. We like to compare data sources, understand your data discrepancies and propose new ideas and naming conventions for your campaigns.

Make sure your campaigns and tracking codes are working as expected, our digital analytics agency can help you with the best practices.


Paid Campaigns

Reach your goals in your digital marketing!

You want to measure your pay per click and display campaigns with efficiency. Import your cost data, clicks, and key metrics in your data lake.

Our digital analytics Engineers are helping our partners to measure their digital marketing performance through all their traffic sources.


Email marketing

Set up properly your digital marketing campaign!

Sending emails without knowing what's going on? We recommend a strong naming convention for all your digital marketing channels, and tracking codes usage.

Our data analysts will guide you by applying best practices on your analytics conventions, and new ideas to track what really matters.


Social marketing

Improve your Social Marketing campaign!

Facebook campaigns, LinkedIn ads, or other third party affiliates campaigns should be tracked with caution to properly measure your key performance indicators. Improve the conversion rates of your campaigns, and generate more sales and leads.

Contact our digital analytics developers and data analysts to take care of your measurement plan!

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