What You Need to Know About the Adobe Analytics Spring 2016 Release

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Adobe Analytics Spring 2016 Release 

The latest release of the powerful Adobe Analytics solution for web content performance intelligence arrived in late April. For digital marketing professionals, Adobe delivered a number of valuable feature enhancements, including the following five functional areas:

Activity Maps/People Metrics

An activity map is a new browser plug-in, which helps marketers visualize how visitors interact with your website, with a single or set of overlay boxes on the page. You can visualize how users navigate through your pages, to help you understand what content is working, what elements need to be addressed, and how your site is influencing visitor behaviour.

People Metrics provide insights beyond page views, in terms of volumes of:

  • “Actual people” viewed your content
  • Visitors who were referred from your individual marketing channels
  • People who purchased products from your online store
  • Interactions and “user path patterns” related to your website content, such as downloading guides, watched videos or interacted with other rich media, forms or other content

Activity maps provide deeper insights beyond simple traffic, conversions with select content or pages. They give actionable intelligence into the devices used on your website, and/or specific campaigns or landing pages.

As you modify your content, you can see how it impacts visitor behaviour in real-time.

Virtual Report Suites

For large Search Engine Marketing teams, or digital marketing teams, virtual report suites provide permission based, personalized access to segments of analytics data. If you have users who specialize in a specialized set of pages on your site, or have defined responsibilities for specific content elements, permissions can be easily defined.

These privacy and access controls can help protect sensitive data, and ensure users “stay in their lane” of responsibilities. Segmented views provide persistent views can be edited.

Scheduled/Downloadable Projects

If you have been waiting for the opportunity to schedule or download PDF or CSV reports from your Analysis Workspace, you’ll be thrilled to discover these functions are now available! Users can download comprehensive reports, then easily share them with colleagues, clients or management with the appropriate comments and/or suggestions.

Marketing Cloud Audiences (public beta)

Have you been working with the Marketing Cloud Audiences function of Adobe Analytics, now we digital marketers can import any marketing cloud audience, including from Adobe Audience Manager.

If you aren’t familiar with Adobe Audience Manager, it is a system which enables marketers to build audience profiles from your data, or from second/third party sources.  This data provides powerful demographic information for

  • Targeted campaigns, to improve results and conversions
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Segmented audience data, for better understanding of your target market and/or personas

Simplified Marketing Cloud Navigation

Need to move around/between Adobe Marketing Cloud elements and Analytics quickly? The new release of Adobe Analytics enables users to move between Adobe Social/Campaign/Target/Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, without having to log in and out of the various elements of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The latest Adobe Analytics release provides digital marketing professionals with tools and functions which will:

  • Provide better insights into how your website visitors journey through your website, and interact with it
  • Create efficiencies, and improve productivity for agencies and organizations which have adopted the Adobe Marketing Cloud Suite
  • Empower marketers to schedule and download reports, to make web presence performance data shareable and packaged in an easy-to-understand format
  • Provide key people/activity metrics in context to the specific content/pages  
  • Provide options to restrict access to report data to only those who have/need permissions to it

If you are currently using Adobe Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud, or benefitting from the comprehensive insights it provides, you should be happy with the spring release. If you would like to enhance your web presence, but don’t have the time or expertise in-house to work with Adobe Analytics, or act on the intelligence it delivers, contact Devrun today!

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