Advanced Google Analytics Certification Course for Digital Analysts

Advanced Google Analytics Certification - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency
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Devrun is a certified Google Analytics agency with years of experience. Our team of digital analysts consists of highly trained professionals with GAIQ Certificate. The GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) certification exam is only available to Google Partners.

In order to earn this certificate, one must have sound knowledge of Google Analytics. The analytics courses by Google are an excellent way to acquire enough knowledge for the certification exam. Below we have discussed the details of an Advanced Google Analytics course.


Advanced Google Analytics Course

It is an advanced digital analytics course offered by Google, which is essential for obtaining the Google Analytics Certification. If you already have some basic knowledge of Google Analytics and seek to learn more, this course is for you.

The main focus of this course is to get one familiar with how data is collected and processed into readable reports. The whole course is divided into the following four units,

  1. Data Collection and Processing
  2. Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration
  3. Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques
  4. Advanced Marketing Tools

This course mainly shows data analysis of website traffic. One can learn to use different types of configuration to collect web analytics data that are important for your business, such as,

  • Custom Metrics
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Event Tracking, etc.
Website Traffic - Devrun Digital analytics Agency


Moreover, the course includes the demonstration of various advanced analysis tools and techniques such as,

  • Channel Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Audience Repots
  • Segmentation, etc.

Finally, the course will give provide some insight on Remarketing. It is an advanced marketing strategy that is concerned with showing ads to the past visitors of your sites. The course will also discuss Dynamic Remarketing.

Therefore, this course is a good option to get familiar with some advanced Google Analytics tools. The course is recommended for both new and experienced digital analysts. It is a great starting point for beginners or people who wants to revise the fundamentals before attempting the certification exam.


Need Help with Google Analytics Certification?

Devrun has ten years of digital analytics accomplishment. We are both Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics Consultant who can help you with your certification. We can also help you with seamless Google Analytics implementation for your website.

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