Devrun sets the sails for Florida

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In the increasingly competitive business environment, thinking big and working hard is no longer enough. No matter if you are in the digital, manufacturing or in tourism industry, if you aim to expand internationally, there are dozens and hundreds of competitors searching to take a piece of the big potential clients pie. How you do to add the needed value to “think big” and “work hard”, in order to have results and increase the number of clients? By building networks. “Swimming” in the right network tank makes a big difference in the business area and, in the digital and analytics zone, which are ones of the most competitive sectors, you have to go fast forward and to have the courage to come with new approaches. Among with a strong and efficient expertise in the Adobe and Google Analytics area, at the courage level, Devrun scores by surpassing the limits of Canada and pointing even more its attention to US.   

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Devrun plans to explore Florida’s business market in two

Going from climbing a hill to escalading the big mountain, Florida is the starting point, where Devrun’s CEO, Jonathan Roy, will meet in the first days of November some of the reference companies in the Palm Beach, Broward and Miami area. The interstate event, which is part of 9th Trade Mission in South-East Florida, organized by The Quebec-Florida Chamber of Commerce, has as main goals creating a business bridge between the Quebec and US participant cities and facilitating the insertion of the Quebecers companies in the US business market tank. For Devrun, to put the vision into practice during the event is traduced by having a proactive approach of the participant companies from the e-commerce/retail/tourism/banking environment. According to Devrun’s CEO, “we are feeling very strong even in front of large companies. We have been working with some Fortune 500 companies in the US, we know their pains and how to solve them. We understand their requirements and we can quickly deliver the right analytics solution.”

The confident attitude is based on the successful collaborations with big companies from the Canadian and US environment in the last 6 years, aspect that has led Devrun to take the bull by the horns and point more and more its attention to US. “Our core strength is based on the former and current clients’ feedback, which have given us the input of being faster than other agencies in delivering high quality results when it comes to implementing the right analytics solutions” adds the CEO.

As target for the networking event, Devrun intends to increase its specific knowledge about Florida’s analytics area needs in the e-commerce, banking and tourism industry, in order to bring a quantifiable value in the field.  

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