How to create automated report in Adobe Analytics

How to create automated report in Adobe Analytics
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As an Adobe Analytics consultant, I know how it could be helpful to create tables to compare metrics in the different time range in Adobe Analytics to improve our digital analytics. As an example, if you would like to compare the percentage change of page view in last month (July) vs 2 months ago (May), one possible solution is to create such a table in Excel. However, it would require manual data updates every month. Since when we move forward to September, the data would still be for July and May.

How to avoid manual data updates in Adobe Analytics

Fortunately, with the help of Adobe Analytics, we can avoid the pain of changing hundreds of lines of data every month! We can create automated reports in Adobe Analytics Workspace by using dynamic dates. In the picture below, we compare the number of visits on a page through a different channel. The compared time range would always be last month and 2 months ago from the current date.

How to avoid manual data updates in Adobe Analytics - Devrujn Digital Analytics Agency

To add the percent of change column, simply right click on the number cell for last month, choose “Compare time periods” => “Prior month to this date range”, and then re-organize the table.

How to avoid manual data updates in Adobe Analytics - Devrun digital Analytics Agency

Using digital analytics tools like Adobe Analytics properly could automate mundane tasks, and therefore provide thorough insights to your site’s performance with the help of Web analytics. You can count on the digital marketing expertise of Devrun, the digital analytics agency.


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