Mobile Web sites- The new reality of Internet existence

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Have you ever gazed at how mobile phones are changing the dynamics of business?  While people were working overtime to digest the much popularized transition from bricks and mortar to online, they now see themselves staring at a new challenge – Mobile Internet.  According to an available data, only 27% of the population of the world has an access to the internet.  When it comes to the mobile users, though, 70% of them are accessing the internet. 

Amazed?  Let’s unravel another unnerving math.  It is estimated that by 2013, there will be more internet users on mobile phones than desktops/laptops. 

These figures speak an intriguing tale.  As you work hard to reach the desired heights on the internet, you have to simultaneously develop a mobile friendly site to cater to the mobile users.  There are various reasons which make the development of a mobile friendly site more compelling:


Why mobile friendly site? You have spent a fortune on the development of a great website.  You have not just invested your hard earned money but also your valuable time to get the website to be in the conscience of your customers.  However, the same website might not happen to be appealing when it is accessed through a mobile phone.  The screens of these smart phones are much smaller than a desktop and the users might be required to scroll across the screen to be able to capture the available information.  That demeans your site’s user experience and saleability.  A mobile site, on the other hand, will considerably improve the experience.


Google wants to be as user friendly as possible.  It has furthered this objective by developing a mobile directory which provides the most relevant search results for mobile web sites.  Hence, if anyone is searching, through his / her mobile phone, for relevant keywords on Google, s/he has higher chances of coming across mobile web sites as against desktop websites.  Most of the other search engines are on the verge of following suit.


What can also work in your favour, if you have a mobile website, is the escalation in the frequency of visit.  When you have a mobile site, you make it more convenient for your existing and prospective customers to get in touch with you.  They can search for you anytime and from anywhere.  Such elevation in their frequency of interaction with you is a good omen for your sales numbers.


What all do you do to augment your brand image?  You might spend thousands of dollars to set things right, when it comes to your brand image.  One of the most crucial ways of doing so is by being accessible to people when they need you, regardless of where they are.  A mobile website will do exactly that.  When they visit your website through mobile phones and come across a pleasingly designed mobile friendly site, not only would it enhance their experience but will also herald you into their good books.

These are just few of the reasons that make the development of a mobile website extremely crucial.  It is time you took a plunge too and let your website be mobile.

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