Need Help with Adobe Target Implementation?

Need Help with Adobe Target Implementation - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency
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Adobe Target is an advanced marketing automation tool to increase the efficiency of mobile, web, apps, or social media marketing. Therefore, it can significantly boost your revenue from your advertising channels. However, to enjoy the benefits of Adobe Target, you have to implement it on your website first.

An Adobe Analytics consultant can help you out if you need help to implement Adobe Target. Devrun, is a digital analytics agency with superior expertise in Adobe Analytics. You can schedule a free consultation with our Adobe experts to learn how we can help your business with Adobe Target.

You Can Utilize Adobe Analytics Data in Adobe Target

If you are already using Adobe Analytics, then implementing Adobe Target would be much easier. Adobe Marketing Cloud is a set of digital marketing solutions that allows cross-solution digital analytics data analysis. So, it allows the user to use Adobe Analytics as the reporting source.

This integration is also known as Analytics for Target (A4T). It saves digital analysts a great deal of time as you can use your previous Adobe Analytics implementations to collect data for Adobe Target.

Analytics for Target (A4T) Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answered some of the FAQs about A4T that you may have in mind:

How do I access A4T features from my Adobe Target account?

A user must have access to an Analytics and Adobe Target account to use the A4T feature. However, if you are an Adobe Solution Partner or have an Adobe Marketing Cloud license, you probably already have access to A4T.

Why can’t I load my report suites?

This problem may occur due to the following reasons:

  • If you are using it for the first time, you have to link your Adobe Analytics account with your Target account in the Adobe Experience Cloud.
  • It can happen if you log into the experience cloud interface using multiple Analytics company accounts. So, check again whether the last Analytics account you signed with is the one tied with Adobe Target.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud sessions can expire if you have been logged in for a long period. It will cause your reports suites to not load. But, it can be fixed simply by logging out and logging in again.

How to create a multi-page A4T activity?

You can do this by implementing JavaScript libraries for Adobe Analytics and Target on the landing page. It will then combine the digital analytics data of both solutions to give you better insights into the visitor’s profiles.

However, you don’t have to implement both of the solutions for the rest of the pages. Just implementing Adobe Analytics would be enough.

Stay up to date with the latest Adobe Target Updates

Devrun is an Adobe Analytics specialist who can help you with that. Additionally, you can follow our Adobe Marketing Cloud Updates blogs to learn about the latest changes in Adobe Target and other marketing solutions.

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