The Adobe Digital Analytics Leaders’ Sessions is Here

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Greetings. We are thrilled to announce that the next round of digital analytics Leaders’ Sessions is here!

In November 2020, these upcoming analytics sessions will feature today’s hottest digital marketing issues. These issues will be discussed and clarified by key Adobe Customers and Partners. So the sessions will involve sharing their best practices related to digital marketing.

Adobe is going to host these sessions by prioritizing the story of an inspirational Digital Leader and their team. Adobe Analytics and digital analytics will be the focus of these digital marketing sessions. And each of these 60-minute live broadcasts will tell you the stories in an informal way, free from any commercial motive.

The digital analytics sessions are also interactive. So as an audience, you’re encouraged to share your opinion in the real-time polling that’ll take place during the session.

Additionally, there’ll be a Q&A segment in the final 15-min. So you get a chance to ask about specific topics on digital marketing, Adobe Analytics, and digital analytics. Interact with a professional via chat and get answers to all those questions for a successful start-up!

You’re free to attend these insightful sessions with a simple pre-registration process. And you can register for 1, 2, or all the 3 sessions. So what are you waiting for, Register now! Also, make sure to encourage your friends and colleagues who are interested in digital marketing.

To conclude, our goal as a digital analytics agency is to provide to analysts and marketers resourceful insights on digital analytics regarding Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. So make sure to join the discussions and find the answers you’ve been looking for..

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