2012 - Expansion in Fortune 1 000 with Autodesk

Founded in 1982 in California, Autodesk is a publishing and digital content software company, primarily known as the publisher of AutoCAD computer-aided design software. Devrun the digital analytics agency, started with a very small digital analytics contract to showcase their Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics capabilities.

The analytics stakeholders have been so happy by the digital marketing results that after 8 years, our digital analytics agency is still working with them.

We are helping Autodesk to build their Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics foundation worldwide in multiple countries for their estores in order to optimize their online performance.

We are also making sure that the analytics reports are accurate, and the code delivered threw Tealium is implemented using best practices of the industry.

Devrun vision is to expand and find other B2B or B2C companies in California so that we can deliver high quality Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics services.