Web Analytics Help You to Better Tell Your Brand’s Story

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Identify your site visitors

Can you differentiate between high-quality leads, web bots, bouncing prospects and enthusiastic brand loyalists? What are your visitors telling you about their activities on your website? Web analytics using the capabilities of Adobe Analytics enable you to segment your audiences using distinct personas based on their specific traits and site behaviour. Web analytics also help recognize loyalists, so you can create site experiences which reward their loyalty.

Know where and when visitors come to your website

Referral data obtained from Adobe Analytics reveals who are the visitors more connected to your brand’s story. For example, no referral tells you that your site’s URL has been bookmarked, entered directly into the address bar, sent as a link through email or accessed another direct way. Direct access to your site often indicates a dedicated follower.

When you inspect site traffic for a specific period of time, you can refine your analysis using the Date Range Comparison feature in Adobe Analytics. It helps you to assess your site’s performance in a day, week, month or user-defined date range.

Follow the site experiences of your visitors

You should try to know what are the experiences of your visitors as they arrive on your site. How they navigate through various web pages of your site? To provide them a smooth experience, you need to understand their pathways. You should use an analytic tool like Adobe Analytics which lets you compare your first-time users with your repeat visitors. So you can accordingly customize your apps to their specific wants and needs.

Explore opportunities within the data

If you are not analysing how your content is being accessed by your audiences, you will not be able to understand what they are seeking from you. Web analytics like Adobe Analytics help you to focus your attention on customer behaviours and traits. This will reveal you the opportunities which are otherwise hidden. This will also help you to change the parts of your brand’s story which fail to attract your desired audiences.

Improve site content to provide visitors more meaningful experiences

You can measure interactions for any page element including media, images, site section and more. After identifying the interactions, you can tie metrics to conversions, revenue and other business goals of yours. User session data with Adobe Analytics goes beyond visit metrics, enabling you to create a more rewarding version of your story by analysing data points like video starts, downloads, on-page social shares, product reviews and use of add-on tools.

Shape web analytics to suit your business

Better analysis enables you to make better decisions. Better analysis can be done by looking at the key performance indicators which drive your business, not of others’. The robust toolset within Adobe Analytics lets you customize the metrics you report on to suit your individual needs.

Without site analytics like Adobe Analytics, you will not be able to know how you can best share your brand’s story with your high-value audiences. But with informed decisions enabled by website analytics, you can make your story more compelling, rewarding and sustainable.

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