What is Account-based Marketing?

What is Account-based Marketing?
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Account-based marketing (ABM) is a collaborative approach by the marketing and sales team to target high-value accounts and turn them into customers. It is a popular B2B digital marketing strategy. Web analytics agencies adopt it to screen out companies that are not valued for your business. So, the digital analytics team can focus on engaging with valuable accounts.

It enables a digital analytics agency to personalize the customer journey of important contacts and provide them with tailored digital marketing content and campaigns. This will help boost customer loyalty and your business will notice a greater ROI. So, Account-based marketing is a great way to fully utilize your digital marketing efforts.

Devrun Did the Integration with DemandBase, 6sense and DNB

Devrun is experienced with many popular ABM tools including but not limited to DemandBase, 6sense, and DNB. These are the leading ABM ecosystems in the web analytics industry right now. We utilize these digital analytics tools to build powerful and effective integrations. Identifying accounts that are valuable for your business would be easier than ever.

What is DNB?

Dun & Bradstreet (DNB) is a leading worldwide provider of business decisioning data and digital analytics. The company was founded almost two centuries ago when web analytics didn’t even exist. Their extensive experience and insight into the industry allow them to provide a unique ABM solution that you can count on. They can deliver deep insights into your high-value relationships.

DnB can be easily integrated with various digital analytics/tag manager systems. For example,

  • Adobe Analytics via Adobe Launch
  • Adobe Analytics via Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)
  • Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager (GTM)What is DNB

DnB scripts will be loaded using tag managers and an API call will be made to DnB’s server. A JSON response containing all account-based information will then be returned, which can be further processed by tag managers to be integrated with the rest of your implementation.

Devrun Can Provide First-Class ABM Solution for Your Business

Devrun is a digital analytics agency with vast experience in account-based marketing. Our digital analytics experts can create seamless implementations, and optimize your web analytics for higher efficiency that can provide interactive insights.

We are in this field for over 10 years now and have been working with many fortune 500 companies, helping them maintain a sustainable B2B digital marketing environment. Our experience of multiple advanced ABM ecosystems has helped them keep track of their valuable accounts.

Get Complete B2B ABM Solution with DemandBase

Devrun’s web analytics specialist can train your team to excel in ABM using DemandBase. We have discovered an optimal integration technique for getting maximum results with DemandBase. Contacts us today for assistance from our digital analysts. We shall share our knowledge to help your team understand the fundamentals of DemandBase ABM.

Learn to Keep Track of Your Revenue Growth Through 6Sense

6Sense has been quite promising in the ABM field. Their intuitive and interactive digital analytics tools are sure to pique your interest. Devrun can help you become an expert in ABM using 6Sense. Discover B2B companies that need your solution, and focus on specific accounts to maximize your chances to close the deal faster and effectively.

Take Your ABM Strategy to the Next Level with DNB with Devrun

Dun & Bradstreet (DNB) is a renowned name in the world of digital analytics. Many Government and fortune 500 companies rely on their ABM techniques to rapidly develop, execute, and measure compelling omnichannel campaigns. Devrun has extensive experience with the DNB ABM ecosystem, and we can help you discover its full potential.

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