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Adobe Analytics Updates

As a digital analytics agency, we believe digital analysts should stay up to date with the latest Adobe Analytics updates as technology is constantly changing. This blog will cover the recent changes and release implemented within various Adobe Analytics tools each month.

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Latest Adobe Analytics Updates

For Adobe Analytics experts, this would be the perfect place to get started. We regularly update our digital analytics blog each month, featuring new Adobe Analytics release as well as its associated tools hosted under the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) platform.

We are concerned with the following three major components of the Adobe Experience Cloud :

  • Adobe Analytics Cloud
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud

What is Adobe Analytics Cloud

Adobe Analytics Cloud is a complete set of various digital analytics tools, and it interconnects the tools with one another. It includes the core Adobe Analytics tool along with Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager.

On the other hand, Adobe Marketing Cloud is concerned with different marketing tools including, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, and Marketo Engage. And Adobe Advertising Cloud is the digital advertising counterpart that hosts tools including Adobe Target and Magneto.

These three cloud platforms function together to provide a complete digital marketing solution. We will regularly keep you updated with the latest changes so that you are aware of any dependencies, compatibility issues, or functional upgrades.

What is Adobe Analytics Cloud - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency
Staying Up to Date in Adobe Analytics - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency

The importance of staying up to date in Adobe Analytics

If you have been tinkering around with digital analytics tools or perhaps Adobe Analytics for a while, then you probably have a good idea of how rapidly these software changes. Adobe regularly introduces new features, fixes, and enhancements to improve user experience.

However, if you don’t keep an eye on the changes regularly, it could impact your productivity. UI changes can often confuse you if you are not aware of the changes. Relocation of commands is even more confusing when you don’t see a function where it was supposed to be.

Moreover, Adobe regularly improves the features of Adobe Analytics to make your workflow easier. You could be wasting your time doing something manually without being aware of the new Adobe analytics updates. Therefore, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest web analytics updates.


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