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Jonathan Roy, Eng. CEO

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GDPR / CCPA Compliant & Trust

Our analytics agency fully adheres to GDPR standards, ensuring all data is processed and implemented with utmost privacy and security, respecting individual data rights.

Over a Decade in Web Analytics

Elevate your business with our decade of expertise in Google Analytics. We specialize in custom, impactful analytics solutions, having delivered hundreds of successful implementations. Our team transforms complex data into clear, actionable strategies, guiding you to make informed decisions. Contact us now to learn how.

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Devrun: Award-Winning Agency

Our agency, crowned Company of the Year in Greater Montreal, excels in providing award-winning digital analytics solutions.

With our CEO recognized as Young Entrepreneur of the Year, we bring innovative, results-driven strategies to your business, ensuring you benefit from top-tier industry leadership and expertise.

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Web analytics is crucial for large companies to stay competitive, understand their customers, optimize their marketing efforts, and make informed business decisions.

Google Marketing Platform Certified

Enhance your business with Google Analytics expertise from Devrun, where strategic insights lead to optimized marketing strategies and an enhanced user experience. This approach transforms complex data into actionable intelligence, empowering informed decisions that drive growth and improve ROI.

With Devrun’s integration of BigQuery, Looker Studio, and Cloud Functions, experience efficient handling of large datasets, interactive data presentation, and automated process integration. This suite of tools ensures robust, accurate, and timely data support, tailored to your business needs for comprehensive, data-driven decision-making.

Google Tag Manager
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Advanced Reporting with Data Quality

Maximize Your Business Impact with Google Analytics 4: Access crucial insights tailored for key decision-makers. Benefit from customized and automated reporting in Google Analytics 4, eliminating manual data entry and paving the way for smarter, data-driven decisions.

Ensure the integrity and relevance of your data with expert validation, aligning your Google Analytics 4 data perfectly with your specific business needs, enhancing confidence in your data-driven strategies.

AI-Enhanced Analytics​

Engineering & Innovation

With Devrun’s AI integration in analytics, gain predictive insights and deeper understanding of market trends and customer behaviors. This leads to more accurate decision-making, keeping you ahead in a competitive market.

Devrun’s AI solutions automate data processes, enhancing efficiency and uncovering hidden patterns in large datasets. This enables optimized marketing strategies and personalized customer experiences, driving business growth and performance.

Google Analytics (GA4) Latest Updates

GA4 + BigQuery

Gain precise insights and tailored strategies from a certified analytics developer, ensuring data-driven decision-making that boosts your business growth.

Benefit from expert implementation of Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager, enhancing your website’s tracking accuracy and marketing effectiveness.