Adobe Analytics Target Product Documentation Update as of June 2019

On February 20th 2019, the infrastructure of Adobe Target was promoted in the EMEA, Japan, and Asia-Pacific regions to no longer collect end-user data with legacy devices or web browsers that do not support TLS 1.1 load or later. This same advancement is scheduled for North America with the effect of April 1, 2019. Relocation to TLS 1.2 will provide improved security. It is vital that you review all the details and plan the changes or implementations to be made with your IT team for smooth evolution.

Target and Adobe Analytics Marketing Cloud will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 as of March 2019. This change affects Target creative, not the delivery of the experience. It has no impact on the dissemination of experience.

Below in this post, we will discuss about the new fixtures and enhancement that have taken place in Adobe Analytics Target Product Documentation Update as of June 26,’2019.

Visual Experience Composer (VEC)

The new options in the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) menu have been added. When you click a page element available in the Visual Experience Composer, a menu gets display on the options showing for that type of element.

You can now use the Styles & gt; Background option to change the background (TGT-15001)

Click Tracking Enhancements

We have enhanced the click tracking configuration process in the Visual Experience Composer and the Single Page Application Composer (VEC).

When choosing the items, which are to be used in click tracking, the names of all the available elements get to appear in the Modifications panel mentioned on the right side, which makes it quicker, faster, and easier to select the desired items.

The Goals and Settings page of the guided activity workflow in Adobe Analytics demonstrates a number showcasing the number of items, which are chosen for click tracking. You can point to this number to display the names of all selected items (TGT-33878).
Visual experience composer for single-user applications (SPA VEC)

Guided Process:

A new guided process helps you understand how the page delivery policy settings should be configured to execute a successful activity for your single page application (TGT-33718).

Changes in the Clone:

With this update in Adobe Analytics, you can characterize a change using the Single Page App Visual Experience Composer (SPA VEC) and then make a replica of that change to bring into play the use in views of your single-page application (TGT-33882).

Visual Experience Composer for Single Page Application

In this Adobe Analytics Target update, the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) provides businesses with a convenient feature for establishing tasks or activities and personalizing/ customizing experiences that can be broadcast with dynamism on traditional multipage applications through Adobe Target’s global mbox. However, this depends on the retrieval of offers when the next page or server calls are loaded, which introduces latency. This up-gradation somewhere does not work well with single-user applications because it modifies the experience of user and performance of the application.

With the new version, we now introduce the visual experience composer for single-user applications. The Visual Experience Composer (VEC) for One-Page Applications (SPA) allows marketers to create tests and customize the content of the SPA themselves without dependencies of continuous development. The composer visual experience can be used to create the activities AB test and of experience targeting (XT) on the most popular site such as react and Angular.

Target Views and Single-Page Applications Adobe Analytics Target

The Adobe Target VEC for SPA applications takes advantage of a new concept called Views: a logical group of visual elements that together form a one-page application experience. A single-page application (SPA) can, therefore, be seen as a transition between views (and not between the URLs) based on user interactions. A View can usually represent an entire site or visual elements grouped into a site.

Composer of Mobile Visual Experience

You can now create activities for multiple versions of your mobile app. This saves you time and effort when versions are similar and you do not need to significantly change the user interface of the application (TGT-34231).

Visual Experience Composer for Mobile App

The Visual Experience Composer (VEC) application for native mobile apps lets you create activities and personalize the content on native mobile apps in your way without the dependencies of continuous development and application marketing cycles.

With the Visual Experience Composer, you can create activities yourself and personalize experiences that can be dynamically delivered to your web analytics properties through Target’s global mbox without the intervention of a developer. You can now take advantage of the VEC to do the same with native mobile apps. VEC Mobile, available on the AEP v5 SDK, enables you to create A/B test and experience targeting activities for mobile apps. Other types of activities will be supported in the future.

VEC Mobile supports the browsers listed in Supported Browsers.

For the latest release information, you can refer to the Adobe Analytics Target Product Documentation.

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