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If you’re not satisfied with Adobe Analytics or if you want it to offer more then gear up because the company is ready to launch some new features that are made to enhance the performance of the tool and make it more efficient.

So what’s new coming to Adobe Analytics and why should you get excited? Let’s find out:

New Workspace Template

The new template is designed for organizations that use Cross-Device Analytics. The purpose of this template is to highlight how effective CDA can be at stitching a number of visits together. It tells you about CDA-exclusive metrics and dimensions. 

You will need a report suite using Cross-Device Analytics for this purpose. Go here to know more about the system and how it works. 

Technology Previews

Known as Labs, this feature can be very useful if you work on prototypes and want to save time. It lets you test new features so you can improve things before moving to the next stop. The purpose of a prototype is to help you gauge end results. 

With this feature, the risk will be lower than ever as you will be able to get a clear idea about what’s to come. Go here to know more about this feature and how it can help you.

Stitching Latency Reduced

This is another time-saving feature as it reduces CTA stitching latency to just one day. It’s useful for firms that use the Private Graph feature. If you’ve used this feature, you must know that the system used a weekly batch process that can be troublesome for users. Now, you will get graphs that are refreshed every day so that you can have the latest information.

The latest linkages and identity graphs can be useful for CDA customers. It will help you gauge the overall condition of the system to help you save time and reach educated conclusions.

Introducing New Hotkeys

If you are in a hurry and love using shortcuts then there’s good news for you as the company has introduced new shortcuts in Workspace. These are:


  • alt + m                      =                     Collapse or expand all panels
  • alt + ctrl + m                      =                     Collapse or expand Active panel
  • ctrl + /                                  =                     Search left rail
  • alt + Right Key       =                     Move to next panel
  • alt + Left Key                      =                     Move to previous panel


Debugging Made Easier

You will find a new option in the Help menu under the name of ‘Workspace Debugger’. With this option, you will have no difficulty in handling debugging requests. Go here to know more about this feature and how it can help you during the debugging process.

Other Adobe Analytics Updated

In addition to the changes mentioned above, you will be able to get more as the system also brings some minor enhancements including:

  • Workspace offers seamless workflow when a visualization or panel gets dropped into it. The left rail will auto switch to components for easy handling
  • The system will now be able to recognize the version of Microsoft Edge, the Chromium-based browser, you’re using for reporting reasons
  • You can now choose actions and mark template components such as approved or favorite
  • If you cannot find what you need in the filtered segment and metric list then you can click the + button to add a component of your choice.

And a Lot of Fixes for Better Web Analytics

The company hasn’t only introduced new features but it has also introduced some fixes to solve problems that were common in the previous version of the tool.

Here’s what has changed:

  • Unlike previous versions, the latest update doesn’t say that Marketing Channel dimensions and Data Warehouse are compatible when they are not.
  • The name of a published segment will now get updated in Audience Manager as well as in Analytics within 24 hours. It took longer in the previous version.

There May Be More Adobe Analytics Updates

In addition to what we’ve covered above, the company is also changing how Adobe Target works with other apps and tools such as TLS. Go here to know more about the upcoming changes.

What’s So Good About These Web Analytics Updates?

As humans, we don’t like change. We get used to something and the idea of change often scares us. However, when it comes to technology, change is the need of the hour. 

Getting bugs fixed is a blessing after all, but changes in the menu or layout can leave people frustrated. 

Fortunately, Adobe understands this, hence the company hasn’t introduced any major changes and all the Adobe Analytics updates are related to improvements.

At the end of the day, users will get web analytics that may take a little while getting used to but it’s worth it.


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