Adobe Experience Cloud Product Updates for March 2021

This month Adobe has implemented exciting new features for its cloud-based services. As a digital analytics agency, we are always curious about digital analytics and advertising tools. We will provide you an overview of the new features in this article.

New Updates for Adobe Analytics Cloud

Data Repair and API Updates

Adobe has added new functionality to the Data Repair API. It will now support standard variables like IP address, page, mobile and video, eVars, and custom props.

Components > User preferences

You can manage the Analysis Workspace settings and other related components from this page now.

Histogram Smart Bucket Prediction

This Adobe Analytics feature will help you with high cardinality-metrics histograms by identifying the number of buckets and the right width for your digital analytics data spread automatically.

Usage Log API

The latest v2.0 Adobe Analytics API grants you programmatic access to the same usage log data. This option can be found under Admin > Log > Usage and Access Log.

Analytics Dashboards Support for Custom Date Ranges

Adobe Analytics Scorecard creators can create and apply custom date ranges from familiar Workspace or pre-set data range to mobile scorecard projects.

Service Pack Updates for Adobe Experience Cloud

Server Pack 8 has been updated for different versions of Adobe Experience Cloud. It should improve your workflow in the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform. Here is a short overview of the new release.

AEM AEM 6.5, Service Pack 8

This update was released on March 11, 2021. We have noticed a significant improvement in performance, security, and stability that is released since the general availability of AEM 6.5 in April 2019.

  • Now Adobe Analytics users can view the list of all the Sites pages that use the asset when using the Connected Assets Functionality.
  • You can force delete any referenced asset on a webpage or modify the references displayed on the properties page. You will be able to sort live pages using the Name, Last rollout date, and Last modified date properties.
  • Adobe has updated the built-in repository to 1.22.6.

AEM AEM 6.4, Service Pack 8, Cumulative Fix Pack 4

It was released on February 25, 2021. It also includes updates to several internal and customer fixes since the general availability of AEM 6.4, Service Pack 8 (, March 2020.

Streamlined Adobe Campaign Functionality with AEM

Adobe has significantly improved Adobe Campaign integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

  • Adobe Experience Manager allows you to import multilingual content more easily now.
  • Adobe Campaign Standard is capable of automatically detecting language variants.
  • You can also create and import variants in bulk to reduce the steps needed for an Adobe Analytics developer to create a multilingual campaign based on Adobe Experience Manager

Exclusive Updates for Adobe Target Users

Increased the allowable offer size

Adobe has updated the allowable offer size for the following parameters.


Previous Limit

New Limit


256 KB

1024 KB

Visual offers from the Target UI

64 KB

1024 KB for each experience


512 KB

1024 KB

Daily Reports on Personalized Insights

Now you can get daily report reports for Auto-Target (AT) and Automated Personalization (AP) activities. You can choose to get Important digital analytics attributes for the last 15, 30, and 60 days.

Fixed Errors Displaying the Current Dependency

Adobe has fixed a bug that caused Adobe Target not to show the current dependency when the customers click Edit Dependency on a particular activity’s Goals and Settings page.

Fixed Problems When Refreshing Workspace’s Audience Library

Previously, Adobe Analytics users could see audiences for the currently selected Workspace before a refresh. But, refreshing the list would show them the default Workspace and its audience. Now, you will see the audience list for the currently selected Workspace even after a refresh.

Fixed an issue with the Recommendations Activity

There were some issues when Adobe Analytics users would copy a Recommendation activity and edit the original activity later by changing its criteria sequence. The following action would incorrectly apply the changes to the copied sequence. Adobe has fixed this issue now.

Fixed an Issue Recommendations Exclusion

Adobe has fixed an issue that would display an incorrect number of products for Recommendations exclusions.

Stay Tuned for More Updates Next Month!

Adobe Analytics is constantly improving its digital analytics tools with each update. It extends the capabilities of digital analytics agencies like us and allows us to devise better digital marketing solutions for our customers. You can get regular updates about the latest news on Adobe Analytics from our page.

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