Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes – April 2020

Customer Journey Analytics updates

Customer Journey Analytics is a powerful tool for Adobe Analytics. It weaves together the customer’s interaction over the web to give you a complete picture of the customer’s interests. It saves you from the hassle of analyzing all interactions of the customers individually.

Adobe is relentlessly working on improvising the technology for better performance. Adobe aims to provide you with the best digital marketing experience using the latest digital analytics tools. Stay tuned for more exciting features in the future Adobe updates.

Improve Your Digital Analytics with Customer Journey Analytics updates

Automated Dataset Backfill: This feature lets you import all historical data for a connection in Customer Journey Analytics. You can combine multiple experience platform datasets into a single connection. But any backfill data is imported at a slower rate. Because we prioritize the new data added to a dataset in the connection to ensure the lowest latency, this should increase your workflow in Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Analytics Enhancements for a Better Digital Marketing Experience

  • Change in the interaction of Nones with Entries/Exits: Adobe changed how the None value interacts with Entries/Exits in Analysis Workspace. Adobe added the capability to turn the Nones on and off through the none value will still be placed after entry or exit.
  • Conversion Level setting removed: The non-functioning Conversion Level setting has been removed from the interface now.
  • Dashboard Archive removed: The View Archive option is no longer available in Reports and Analytics. It has been removed from the interface.
  • End of support for TLS 1.1: Adobe removed support for TLS 1.1. This is a part of our effort to maintain the highest security standards and promote the safety of our customer data.
  • New Domain: Adobe is currently working on moving Adobe Analytics to a new domain. This is an effort to unify all our digital Analytics tools in a single platform. Once it is completed, you will be able to navigate through different features with more convenience. This change will be implemented to all our users accessing Adobe Analytics with an Adobe ID or Enterprise ID.
  • Loading issues of Adobe Analytics in Safari: The domain change is reported to have caused some loading issues of Adobe Analytics for Safari users. This is due to a cookie issue. This issue can be fixed by Deselecting Prevent cross-site tracking in the Safari Privacy Preferences. It enables cookies across domains to allow Adobe Analytics to function on this new Adobe Experience Cloud domain. In the meantime, you can use other browsers to avoid this issue since it affects Safari users only.
  • Activity Map not working: Activity map stopped working for some customers after the domain change. Activity Map is injected into the customer page in an iframe. You may have set a Content Security Policy directive on your web page for "frame-src" that does not include "" In this case, Activity Map will stop working on such a web page.

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is our data management platform for providing you a unified view of the audiences. It allows advertisers and agencies to create unique audience profiles. You can identify your important audiences and deliver relevant advertisements.

It is crucial to know our customer’s concerns while using these digital Analytics features. Adobe implemented some new features and fixes to provide you a better experience in digital marketing.

Simplified Customer Support and Management with Adobe updates

  • Top Customer Support Issues: Adobe added a new section in the documentation portal named Support Issues Overview. This section includes answers to the most frequently asked questions received by our customer support team. Adobe hopes that the customers will be benefited from this feature to overcome issues that may arise while using our product.

Adobe System Status

Adobe System Status provides you detailed information, status updates, and email notifications about Adobe Cloud products and services outage, disruption, and maintenance events. Adobe added some new features to enhance the customer experience of Adobe Analytics.

Adobe is dedicated to increasing the customers’ convenience while using the Adobe Analytics Platform. We hope to introduce you to a better digital marketing experience with more features in the future Adobe updates.

Organized Digital Marketing with Adobe System Status updates

  • Entitlement Based Personalized subscriptions: Adobe added pre-selected subscription recommendations based on the user's DX entitlements. The recommended subscriptions are highlighted at the top of the product list for quick visualization. Now the user will receive email notifications relevant to the product entitlements.
  • Easier Management of Subscriptions: You can now manage both product and event subscriptions. A new option is available to view and edit the product and event subscriptions separately. The delete option allows you to unsubscribe from a product or event subscription. There is also a one-click Unsubscribe all option available for the product subscription.
  • Improved UX support: Adobe updated the UX support for Web/Mobile/Tablet surfaces and localization in 19 languages. This would be a step forward to more close interaction with our users.

Adobe Analytics is always improving and working to keep its users familiar with the latest technology of digital Analytics. Report any bugs or issues you may find. Adobe is prepared to solve any issues as soon as possible to advance your journey in digital marketing.

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