Are you a digital marketing expert looking for ways to improve your marketing skills and reach a wider audience? The Digital Analytics Association has good news for you.

The organization is bringing Virtual Symposium, a virtual event for those who want to know more about different aspects of online marketing.

We know that online marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. Businesses are on a lookout for tips on how they can expand their virtual reach and make more money. The purpose of such events is to bring experts under one roof and help them get answers to their questions.

Let’s find out more about the Virtual Symposium event and what it has to offer:

More about The Digital Analytics Association

Founded in 2004, the Digital Analytics Association is a nonprofit organization focused on research and the use of data to help businesses improve how they market their products and services.

The company’s mission is to “advance the use of data to understand and improve the digital world through professional development and community.” The members perform a variety of tasks including:

  • Standardizing the best practices, terms, and definitions used by marketers
  • Influence and improve legislation that affects the industry and you
  • Plan events to help marketers understand digital marketing including digital analytics and web analytics
  • Develop, implement, and improve certification and training programs to strengthen the professionals of the industry
  • Bring web analytics consultants, users, and professionals under one platform to promote a common interest

What is the Virtual Symposium?

Like most other businesses, DAA is evolving due to the changing scenario and will hold the local event on the web now. Coronavirus has forced businesses to cancel gatherings including events. While things have started to turn better and some states are already coming back to life, it may be a while before associations are allowed to hold gatherings. 

This event is the result of a collaboration between the DDA and associates. The aim is to bring world-class speakers with local professionals to provide attendees insights and actionable tips on web analytics and other aspects of digital marketing. The association holds about 10 such events every year at various locations. However, things haven't gone as expected this year due to the pandemic.

The association recently decided to go online and put the event on the web to make it possible for everyone to benefit from it.

The official document presents the event as an “opportunity to engage as part of our vibrant analytics community, provide opportunities for discussion, interaction, and conversation beyond presentations.”

According to reports, the organization is keeping pretty much the same presentation as the local event. Advertisement papers say “there will be sneak previews of October's OneConference content, facilitated breakout conversations on a variety of timely topics, and a live keynote presentation.

The one-day event will be held on 19-May-2020 from 12:00 PM EDT to 3:30 PM EDT. You will be able to be a part of it by joining the stream on the official website. The association may also decide to air it on its social media handles. A decision is currently pending. 

Who is It For and What Can I Learn?

The event is for everyone who wants to know more about digital marketing.

You can check the official page later to know who’s going to talk and about what. However, looking at some of the previous events, we can be sure that digital marketing, web analytics, and digital analytics will be some of the topics discussed in detail.

Moreover, also expect to hear more about the current scenario and how the pandemic can change the world of online marketing. Believe it or not, it’s going to have a huge impact on how companies do business, especially now that many have cut sponsorship deals with online influencers as they have to reduce their marketing budgets due to the sudden fall in revenue.

If you are struggling to market your product or if you’re not sure how to read a wider audience, then consider booking a seat so you can get to listen to the latest advice from experts. The event may not be replayed, hence it’s important to make a move now.

Registration is totally free. You can go here to sign up. You will have to provide some details including your name and email address to be a member.

You will not have the ability to meet experts face-to-face but you may still get a chance to get heard and ask questions. Moreover, there are also some great sponsorship opportunities for businesses that want to reach a wider audience. 

Since the event is expected to receive thousands of views, it may be a good idea to invest if you sell products or services that can help digital marketers.