Adobe Analytics 2020 Spring Release is Right Here

Adobe Analytics 2020 Spring Release is Right Here

Adobe is known to come up with regular updates to keep many of its tools relevant, secure, and user friendly. The company took a major step recently when it announced the availability of a new update package – the Adobe Analytics 2020 Spring release.

Adobe Analytics and data solution allow businesses to fully understand and neatly optimize how users or customers interact with their brand. It covers all touchpoints at a massive scale and in real time.

This update package brings value and improvements in three major areas:

  • Democratized data access 
  • Augmented analytical precision
  • People-based journeys 

Democratized Data Access 

Marketing is a tough job, especially because every customer wants different things. All departments have to come together to make sure a customer is happy. 

Imagine the horror of a customer having to talk to three customer service agents, each asking for an explanation of the same issue.

This will leave the customer unhappy and you may end up losing a very good client.

This is why it is important that communication is neat and clear. Customer insights must be available to everyone who engages with a client so that there are no issues.

Adobe makes this possible by bringing enhancements to a variety of tools and introducing new features:

  • Changes to Analysis Workspace that’ll allow brands to fully validate personalization efforts. Brands will have a single source of customer data thus reducing the risk of errors. Moreover, Workspace also now includes fewer export limitations, Advanced Query Builder, additional insights, and multiple report suites.
  • New and improved Adobe Analytics dashboards that make it easier to manage data. They offer self-service access to executives and business users.
  • A mobile app that allows business users and executives to get access to insights in real time without having to move to a computer. Data is available on the go making it more flexible.

These tools can be a difference maker and help you cater to more clients in less time.

Augmented Analytical Precision

It can be difficult to convert a potential client into a paying client due to the many engagement points a customer has to go through during their journey. These analytics will reach Japan, EMEA, and APAC later in the year.

It is important that brands understand the kind of connection a customer has to a specific engagement point so that they can correctly predict the result and bring the required changes to the tools they use to convince a visitor to turn into a buyer.

The new update from Adobe contains a powerful feature called Algorithmic Attribution. It’s an enhanced version of Attribution IQ with reliable AI/ML modeling.

The new updates allow customers to find unique use cases across earned, owned, and paid channels. While a similar system has been in place for years, the new update makes it more reliable thanks to higher precision.

Users will be able to return personalized experiences, retrieve audiences and send data all in a single call by leveraging the platform’s new SDKs. 

Managing sensitive data is now also easier due to new data repair APIs currently in beta.

People-based Journeys 

It can be hard to reach the right decision without the latest and correct numbers and Adobe appears to know that. The company offers insights that improve experiences and increase the chance of having a happy customer. 

Analytics that are derived by applying unique ‘filters’ to behavioral interactions across all devices, channels, and systems provide a true picture of how a user interacts with the business and at what interaction he or she feels disappointed. 

A business can use this information to improve the system. Adobe is doing its part by expanding the scope of the tool and introducing the following updates:

  • Adding new machine learning tools
  • Expanding CJA and CDA internationally
  • Adding new artificial intelligence programs
  • Introducing identity resolution capabilities
  • Providing person-centric, high-resolution views of customer engagement

The company has introduced a unique video player tracking system to help businesses know exactly how customers interact with their video content.

These updates are designed to make digital marketing easier for digital analytics experts. 

Adobe Analytics Has a Reason to Celebrate

Digital marketing enthusiasts appear to be in love with the Adobe Analytics YouTube page, which is expected to hit the 1 million mark in the next few days. 

Get your hands on the latest update to enjoy all the benefits of Adobe Analytics. Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries about digital marketing. Our digital analytics experts are always available to help.

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