Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Advertising Cloud updates for June 2020

Customer Journey Analytics, an important and powerful tool for Digital Analytics. It works with the customer’s web interactions and finds their interests.

It automatically analyzes all the activities of customers and saves time as we work hard to provide customers a better Digital Marketing experience with the help of Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Analytics team implemented new updates in Customer Journey Analytics to tighten the grasp on digital marketing worldwide and improve customer experience on the platform.


Evolve digital Analytics with Customer Journey Analytics updates

Global availability in EMEA and APAC

Adobe is broadening its reach and working together with digital analytics agencies to improve their service. Now, Customer Journey Analytics is globally available to customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

Adobe aims to make the power of Adobe analytics available for everyone to enhance the digital marketing experience. So, Adobe is optimistic to make its digital analytics services available to more regions soon.


Support for Adobe Experience Platform sandboxes

You can create new connections in Adobe Experience Platform sandboxes. Sandboxes are like data silos. You can make a single Platform instance into separate virtual environments using sandboxes. This will hopefully be an important addition that digital analytics experts will find beneficial.

Sandboxes are used to control access to data sets as you cannot access data across sandboxes.  Selecting a sandbox will show you all the datasets you can pull from. You can add one or more data sets into the Customer Journey Analytics.

Customer Journey Analytics will automatically set the dataset type as Event, Profile, or Lookup Data for incoming datasets. And you will be prompted to define connection-specific settings that can’t be changed later. Then you can save the connection.


Adobe Analytics updates for improved Digital Analytics

Yet another feature update for Adobe Analytics to provide you seamless digital marketing experience. Descriptions of the latest additions to Adobe Analytics are given below.

Analytics Support for Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network

Now, Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK can translate xdm into a readable format and send it to Adobe Analytics. You can map a report suite in the Customer Config UI for automatically importing data into Adobe Analytics.

It is now possible to map more than one reporting to a given config. After a report suite is mapped, the data will automatically begin flowing. The xdm variables are mapped automatically through the Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network.

In the case of manually mapped data, you can access the collected data via processing rules. The data is flattened using dot notation and available as contextData. This should simplify the processing of your digital analytics datasets on the platform.


Adobe Analytics dashboards

Adobe Analytics dashboard is a mobile app designed to provide the customers with instant access to Adobe Analytics features. You can access scorecards from the app, which are a collection of key metrics and other components presented in a tiled layout.

The scorecards are intuitive and you can simply tap to breakdown the tiles and view trended reports. There is also a Curator’s guide available to help organizational administrators get a better understanding of the digital analytics data.

There’s also an executive user quick start guide intended to help digital analytics experts keep track of their work. Executive users can view road rendering of important summary data much faster and efficiently using this app.


Automatically build Freeform Tables from a blank state

Adobe added the functionality to drop components directly into a blank project or panel without building a Freeform table. Adobe Analytics will automatically generate a freeform table with the recommended format.

Mixed component types such as dimensions and metrics are also handled differently when dropped into a blank Freeform table together. This should make it somewhat easier to handle multiple types of digital analytics data.


Adobe Analytics Package added to the Feature Access Level page

Feature Access levels are a group of settings that allows you to view the level of access to Adobe Analytics packages (SKU) and features that your company is entitled to. Previously, it was a bit more complicated to access this option.

You can now easily access it from Admin > Company Settings > Feature Access Level.


Accessibility Improvements

Adobe digital analytics experts are always working hard to improve your digital marketing experience. The Adobe Analytics team made several accessibility enhancements to the Analysis Workspace in the latest update.

Some changes were made in the keyboard navigation, color contrast, and screen reader support as well. This should contribute to making it easier to manage and analyze digital analytics datasets now.


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