Adobe Analytics Cloud April 2021 Release

Adobe Experience Cloud Product Updates for April 2021 - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency


The Adobe Analytics Cloud is a versatile digital analytics solution offered by Adobe. We are a digital analytics agency that specializes in Adobe Analytics Solutions. We will be discussing the new features and fixes implemented in the Analytics Cloud platform this month.

Check all Adobe Experience Cloud product updates for April 2021.


New Features in Adobe Analytics

New Features in Adobe Analytics for April 2021 - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency

Custom Date Ranges for Analytics Dashboards

Now Adobe Analytics mobile app users can apply custom date ranges to their scorecards. It can be applied alongside the current out-of-the-box date ranges.

View Previous Project Versions in Workspace

You can now load previous versions of a Workspace project to undo any mistakes or roll back to a preferable older version.

New Features Customer Journey Analytics (CJA)

The new features in Adobe Analytics will be available for Customer Journey Analytics as well. Some additional updates include,

Enhanced Data Views

The new data views for Customer Journey Analytics should greatly increase the flexibility of dimension and metric creation for digital analytics agency, thus enabling to work more efficiently. Now you will be able to,

  • Use numeric field as a dimension
  • Use string field as a metric
  • Make dimensions and metrics compatible across multiple data views
  • Include or exclude values, and hide a component from reporting
  • Tag and edit the ID of a component and much more.

You can look up the full details from the CJA release notes if you wish.

Support for Scheduled Reports in Workspace

Adobe has added support for scheduled reports in Customer Journey Analytics Workspace. So, digital analytics agency analysts no longer have to update the reports every time manually.

New Resources for Adobe Analytics and CJA

The following new videos were added this month,

  • Basic configuration for Data Views in Customer Journey Analytics
  • User Preferences in Adobe Analytics
  • Using Component dropdowns in Workspace
  • Getting data into visualizations
  • Apply Custom Date Ranges to Mobile Scorecard Projects
  • Configuring General Account Settings

Some Fixes and New Tutorials for Adobe Audience Manager

Fixes and New Tutorials for Adobe Audience Manager on April 2021 - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency

Adobe has fixed some issues in the General Reports and Administration > Groups options of Adobe Audience Manager. Moreover, a new course on “Understanding Real-time CDP for Audience Manager Users” was published this month along with the following articles,

  • A Tale of Two Perceptions – Brands vs. Consumers
  • 10 considerations for Responsible Customer Data Management
  • The Future of Data Management and the Changing Environment

As a digital analytics agency, we believe the updates will help us improve our services. Contact us if you need help to Revamp your Adobe Analytics. And, Stay connected with Devrun for more updates next month!

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