Adobe Marketing Cloud April 2021 Release

Adobe Marketing Cloud April Release - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency

Some key solutions provided by the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform includes Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, and Marketo Engage. This article will discuss the new features introduced this month that help digital analytics agency like us to improve your Adobe Analytics.

You can also check all Adobe Experience Cloud product updates for April 2021.

New Features in Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe has implemented the following new features in Experience Manager Sites,

  • Enable Progressive Web App (PWA) version of a site at a project level
  • Define multi-line text data types as multi-field lists
  • UX enhancements for the Content Fragment Editor

Adobe has also added more functionality for Experience Manager Assets.

  • The Connected Assets functionality has been extended. Now analysts can use Dynamic Media images in the supported core components.
  • Administrators in digital analytics agency can schedule bulk asset ingestions at a specified period.

More features were added for Experience Manager Forms and Commerce as a cloud service. Moreover, the Cloud Manager UI and functionality was upgraded to enhance the user experience.

Adobe Experience Manager has also added a good number of articles, videos, and tutorials in April. You can look them up in the Experience Cloud release notes.

New Release for Adobe Campaign Classic Users

The latest Adobe Campaign Classic Release  21.1.2 – Build 9282 is now live. Adobe has improved password management for improved security in this new release. Moreover, an issue regarding MTA crashes has been resolved as well.

Adobe also fixed a client console regression in the previous releases that caused continuous error messages to pop up on the IMS connection screen. This issue was mainly apparent in the Adobe Campaign 20.X, 19.X, and Gold Standard 11 releases.

The following videos for Campaign Standard were published in April,

  • Track the success of your deliveries in Analytics
  • Configure transactional messages using real-time event data
  • Create a trigger event in Campaign Standard
  • Create a trigger in Experience Cloud
  • Using triggers for transactional messages

Marketo Engage Updates and Upcoming Features

Marketo Engage provides a complete solution for lead management and B2B marketing. A great tool for digital analytics agency to engage complex buying journeys and transform the customer experience. Last month, Adobe announced some new features for Marketo to be released throughout the quarter.


Analysts will be able to do new account-based segmentation. Plus, It will support saving dashboard specific filters, and you can export Bizible dashboards as PDFs.

Sales Connect

The Compose Window and Command Center options in Sales Connect will be updated to enhance the user experience.

We hope this article was of help to you. Keep in touch with Devrun for the latest updates on digital marketing solutions and digital analytics events.

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