Adobe Advertising Cloud April 2021 Release

Time for Updates in Adobe Analytics for May 2021 - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency

The Adobe Advertising Cloud is your all-in-one solution for digital marketing and advertising. It is a key asset for a digital analytics agency to help you excel in digital marketing. So, Adobe regularly updates the solutions to improve user experience continually.

The Advertising Cloud DSP has not gotten any updates recently, but the Advertising Cloud Search interface was updated last month.

Check all Adobe Experience Cloud product updates for April 2021.

New Features Added in Advertising Cloud Search

New Features Added in Advertising Cloud Search in April 2021 - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency



Now digital analysts can automatically sync data from Google Ads search and Advertising Cloud Search for reporting and optimization.

Advertising Insights

Three new insights were introduced in the April update. Here’s some description of them,

  • Attribution Analysis: Now, you will be suggested better attribution models to improve your revenue models and optimize single portfolios.
  • Impression Share Lost: The software interface will indicate if a portfolio’s budget limits the impression share for Google Ads campaigns and recommends changes accordingly.
  • Time-of-day Analysis: This feature will suggest single portfolios Google Ads campaign-level bid modifiers for different times of the day. However, it is only applicable to portfolios with Google Ads display, shopping, or search campaigns.

Adobe Target Standard/Premium Release 21.4.1 is Live

Adobe Target Standard Premium Release is live - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency

The latest Adobe Target release has introduced the following features and enhancements.

On-device Decisioning Support for at.js

Now at.js will support on-device decisioning from version 2.5 and beyond. It will allow you to cache your A/B Test and XT activities on the browser and perform in-memory decisioning without having to block network requests to the Adobe Target servers.

It will enable a digital analytics agency to deliver personalization and experimentation on a user’s browser at virtually zero latency.

List-Based Operators for Entity Filtering Rules

This feature is only available for Target Premium users. Here’s a list of the new operators,

  • Is Contained In List
  • Is Not Contained In List
  • List Contains An Item In
  • List Does Not Contain An Item In
  • List Contains All Items In
  • List Does Not Contain All Items In

New Features and Enhancements in Magneto 2.4 Release

In April, Adobe has issued some changes to the 2.4.X releases of Magneto Open Source and Magneto Commerce. The new release will enhance the performance and improve the security of the platform.

However, the digital analytics agency concerned with Magneto should note the backwards-incompatible changes in this release to ensure that the third-party modules are running properly.

If you run into any compatability issue, you can contact Devrun for assistance. We are Adobe Solution Partner with years of experience in the industry.

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