Adobe Analytics Cloud May 2021 Release

Adobe Analytics Cloud May 2021 Release - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency

The Adobe Analytics Cloud is an innovative digital analytics solution for impactful data insights and audience management. It is updated every month to introduce new features and bug fixes to ensure top-notch performance.

We have listed down the important changes this month to help you stay updated. You can also check other Adobe Experience Cloud product updates for May 2021.

New Features in Adobe Analytics

Adobe has added the following new features for the core Adobe Analytics tool.

Load Previous Versions of Workspace Projects

Adobe Analytics will store any previously saved Workspace project versions. This will allow you to revert any unwanted changes very easily. You can add notes to a specific project version. Projects with notes will be stored for one year, and the ones without any notes will be stored for 90 days.

Warehouse API requests on Hours Basis

You no longer have to wait for the day to complete to obtain the current day’s data. You can request current-day Data Warehouse digital analytics data by setting the parameter “fuzzyDates”:false.

The functionality to load previous workspace project versions was also added in the Customer Journey Analytics.

Notices for Adobe Analytics Administrators

  • Most of the major browser user agents are inaccurately reporting users of macOS 11 or above as macOS 10. This is would cause some issues with Adobe Analytics reporting. So, any Adobe Analytics agency should keep this in mind until it is fixed.
  • Three Adobe Analytics API has reached EOL and have been shut down accordingly. They are,
  1. 3 Analytics APIs
  2. 4 SOAP Analytics APIs
  3. Legacy OAuth Authentication
  • Adobe has implemented 2021 ISO region updates on 21st May. So, admins should expect some minor changes following its release.

Adobe Analytics Bug-Fixes

  • Adobe fixed an issue where some Marketing Channel instances are reported as “None”.
  • Sometimes the Windows and Chrome operating systems would be grouped under “Other” OS type dimensions. This has been fixed now.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing customers to log out of Adobe Analytics.

Apart from these, a lot of other minor bugs were fixed in this update. Moreover, Adobe added 11 videos this month for Adobe Analytics users. You can check out the Adobe Analytics Documentation page if you need more details on it.

Adobe Audience Manager Enhancements

  • A new system error code has been added for Data Collection Servers. The new “Error code 10: Unable to evaluate traits” will pop up upon requesting partial or unevaluated traits.
  • Adobe fixed an issue that would prevent a user from saving Audience Lab test groups.
  • Added the ability to generate Activity Usage Reports that would support look-back intervals of more than one year.

If you face any issues following an Adobe Analytics update, you can contact us for assistance.

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