Enhance Your Knowledge About Adobe Audience Manager’s 3rd Party Data TTL Limit Update

Businesses and marketers wait eagerly for the news related to web analytics updates. They want to know how a particular update will help them to work more effectively while formulating their marketing campaigns and how it would enable them to provide a better experience to their customers.
Adobe Analytics, a powerful web analytics tool is in the news for bringing up a series of enhancements in its Adobe Audience Manager data management platform. It helps businesses and marketers build distinctive audience profiles, so they can identify their most valuable segments and use them across any digital channel. This data management platform lets businesses better understand their audiences and lets them get a complete view of their audience by combining all of their data sources in a single place.

Lets us now share with you more knowledge about these new web analytics updates associated with the Adobe Audience Manager.

Adobe Analytics has announced that over the next several months, Adobe Audience Manager will be unveiling several enhancements for supporting a data retention and cleanup initiative. It will benefit users by improving their processing time, data accuracy and data maintenance.

The first enhancement under this initiative is associated with Audience Marketplace 3rd Party TTL (Time to Live) Policy updates. It came into effect on March 18, 2019 and will be gradually applied from March to April 2019.

What Constitutes This Enhancement?

This enhancement’s release will implement a new policy that lets data providers to set the 3rd Party Data TTL to a maximum time period of 30 days for all the 3rd party data imported into Audience Marketplace. For any existing 3rd party traits that have a TTL exceeding 30 days or 0 (infinite) days, the TTL will be set to 30 days. Going forward, this policy will also prevent data providers from setting a TTL exceeding 30 days or 0 days. In case, a data provider does not refresh a 3rd party trait within the 30-day time frame, the trait realization will lapse, and it will no longer be a part of any segment.


Benefits and Significance of Restricting TTL:

Adobe Audience Manager limiting the 3rd Party Data TTL to a time span of 30 days for 3rd party traits will help to ensure that customers are using the most up-to-date trait data when qualifying visitors to a segment. The implementation of this limit is also in alignment with the guidelines provided by the industry’s leading data providers, as many of them refresh data within a time limit of 30 days.

Limiting TTL’s Impact on Customers:

Though Adobe Analytics restricting the 3rd Party Data TTL is not expected to cause a significant impact, it still is going to benefit the customers of Adobe Audience Manager. They may notice corrections in segment population counts for 3rd party traits or folder traits, segments made up of 3rd party traits and algorithmic traits obtained from 3rd party traits.

We hope this first in the series of web analytics updates associated with the Adobe Audience Manager brings benefit to you by letting you use the latest data for devising more powerful and rewarding marketing campaigns. For other related upcoming updates, stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you want to seek more knowledge about how these enhancements from Adobe Analytics can bring benefit to you, get in touch with Devrun experts.

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