Adobe Analytics Experience Product Cloud Updates for June 2019

A monthly update on Adobe Analytics Cloud product delivers the advance notifications that keep us updated with the changes amended in the product. The Adobe Analytics makes updates and changes in the product on a monthly basis to let the users know in advance about the latest product augmentations and capabilities that has taken place. So, it is important that you stay tuned with the latest updates, releases, and notifications, which have been executed. Hence, in this article, we will explain about the Adobe Experience Cloud Updates that are scheduled for the June month, 2019.

Below are the new features and fixtures that have been updated as of June 27 2019 in Adobe Analytics:


The new models of attribution for dimensions have been added to the segmentation, which includes, repeating, instance, and non-repeating instance for the dimension. The Segment Builder has the feature of dragging and dropping the segments, which are based on operators, container hierarchy logic, and rules. This incorporated development tool helps in building and saving them both simple and complex segments that allow the visitor to come across the page hits and visits.

The Segment builder allows making edits and building the segment in the Java UI in Ad Hoc Analysis or in the web UI. Now, you can also add the rules containers and definitions to process your stack segments. The user can now also authenticate that how many unique visitors, page views, and visits result from your present segment definition.

With the Segment Builder, you can also constrain and compare the values by using various selected operators. Distinct Count, Standard Data, and Warehouse are the three different operators for segments.

With the effect of this latest update, you can even delete or edit the segment, which is already published. If the segment is already in use, you will get the warning issue regarding the editing of a segment.


When you log in with the Adobe ID, you will be having the option to repossess post-processed hits in the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger. The post-processed hits are also known as server calls once they go through the VISTA and processing rules.

Note: If you are using the SupplementalDataID, the post-processing data may take a few minutes to recover or come back.

Analysis Workspace

The latest out-of-the-box filters are added to the left rail search. Beyond this, new filters such as video, calculated metrics, eVars, customer attributes, props, etc. are added to this product so that you can find the components easily you need. Adobe Experience Cloud also added the fallout visualization, which will display on the Analysis workspace as a touchpoint.

Analytics Documentation Improvements

The documentation of Adobe analytics is organized again and includes various features related to the collaboration, which will help you in improving the content. You can now solve the issues happening with the documentation and can also suggest the changes. The docs then moved to the new domain and get redirected at one place.

The Adobe Analytics ocumentation includes the following features:

• Analytics Tools Guide
• Admin Guide
• Implementation Guide
• Components Guide
• Export Guide
• Import Guide
• Integration Guide
• Media Analytics Guide
• Data Workbench Guide
• Analytics Tech Notes

Recent Analysis Workspace Fixes

• The new update in the product can fix an issue with the localized Japanese date information.
• With the help of these updates, you can fix the error, which occurred after the copying and pasting the dimension items.
• It also helps in fixing the issue with an edit option, which is missing in the segment panels.
• With these updates, you can fix the error with the landing page feature, which does not work when get shared with a number of recipients.
• It fixes an issue where the strings get vertically clipped in the Real-time reports.

Other Analytics Fixes

• Helped the Admin users to fix an issue who were not able to facilitate Success Events
• Helped in fixing the error that happened while creating an alert with Exit Rate metric

Important notices for the Analytics administrators are as follows:

• Data Collection Update
• Changes in Audit Log UI
• Classification of rule builder limits

For the latest release information, you can refer to the Adobe Experience Cloud release notes

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