Adobe Analytics Updates for Cloud experience for November 2019

The digital world is continuously evolving with a pace and to support the fixes and advancements taking place Adobe Experience Manager introduce timely updates in the product. These updatesensure that users are aware of the new releases by Adobe and incorporate them into their applications

For November 2019, Adobe Analytics has initiated a patch for new features, enhancements, and updates in Adobe Experience Manager. The Deployment of this updated patch to the Adobe Experience Cloud shall make theapplication more stable and secure, thereby ensuring better and faster performance.

Updates made in Brand Portal of Adobe Analytics

For a marketer, it is highly essential to collaborate with various stakeholders like internal businesses, business partners, advertisers, channel partners on a real-time basis. The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM which is Brand Portal 6.4.5helps timely delivery of all relevant content across all stakeholders. The portal, however, lacked the mechanism to allow external users/agencies to contribute to the brand portal. They could only view what had been uploaded by the managing team. The Brand Portal 6.4.5 release overcomes this anomaly. It allows Brand Portal users, including external agencies and groups the mechanism to upload content to the Brand Portal and contribute to the AEM assets.

This patch enables Brand Portal Users with appropriate permissions from administrators to upload multiple contents called assets to the portal in a NEW folder. This folder can then be SHARED that trigger workflows amongst users. Post patch, all the older functionalities of the Brand Portal remain unchanged. Brand Portal Users can analyze download assets and search from the contribution folder at any point in time.

This Adobe Analytics update helps to advance the competence of asset sharing, hasten the time-to- the market for assets. It has lessened the threat of non-compliance and thwarts unlawful access to the brand portal. This update is especially useful for Corporate that outsources their advertisement to external agencies like Devrun Digital Marketing Agency. For more information on the AEM update, check what is new in AEM Assets Brand Portal and also the Release notes on the Adobe.

Devrun Digital Marketing Agency can easily incorporate this update across all stakeholders to help improve workflow.

Updates in Cloud Manager

Adobe Analytics have updated the Cloud Manager to enhance cloud performance. Adobe has done pipeline validation process and enhancements to assets performance testing. The following updates have been released:

  • If the validate pipeline step fails, it now displays the specific validation error encountered.
  • The mechanism used to delete assets during assets performance testing has been improved.
  • The Pipelines and Environments cards on the Overview page have been visually refreshed.
  • The Program Switcher has been moved (it is now under the Adobe Experience Manager logo).

In addition to the addition of new features, the update also fixes a bug related to Load Balancer.

Advertising Cloud Updates for November 2019

The Conversion Tracking functionality

The JavaScript-based Advertising Cloud Conversion Assignment Day now supports tracking clicks from Mozilla Firefox version 69 and higher, which blocks third-party cookies by default. The same day already supports Apple Safari.

The Portfolio functionality

If the “Enable campaign max spends % target” portfolio option is enabled, the maximum spends target is no longer exceeded. So far, Advertising Cloud has exceeded the maximum spend target, if that was optimal.

The Search for Audiences functionality

Your Audience Library under Search> Audiences> Library now automatically includes the Audience Size column, which is populated daily with data from Bing Ads and Google Ads. Optionally, you can use the column as a data filter.

The Integration with Adobe Analytics

It includes now the Entry Type (AMO-ID) dimension for Advertising Cloud DSP campaigns.

Contact Devrun Digital Marketing Agency for all your queries regarding Adobe Analytics updates and our team shall help you optimize customer experience on Adobe.

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