Latest Web Analytics Product Updates in Adobe Analytics for November 2019

Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign Customers are improving their marketing operations to a large extent. The amalgamation of Adobe Analytics and Web Analytics products is helping businesses and companies to organize highly personalized and reliable Omni-channel experiences, which are designed according to the targeted audience. In this post, we will highlight the Adobe Analytics Product Updates of November 2019. That streamline the process of content creation and various integrations to improve the marketing operations of various organizations.

Release Notes for Experience Cloud Interface in Adobe Analytics and Web Analytics Public Administration:

  • Learn more link for Adobe Campaign has been updated.
  • The feed page will get deprecate in December 2019, and to check this, you can look at the notice of in-product deprecation.
  • The responsiveness and stability have been improved in the Experience Cloud Interface.
  • Issues of security vulnerabilities in Experience Cloud User Interface have been resolved.
  • The issue in Customer Attributes, which blocks schema validation, has been resolved.
  • Improvements in Audience Library have been made to eliminate dimensions.

New features, Enhancements and fixes in Adobe Analytics

Customer Journey Analytics 

The Customer Journey Analytics will be introduced as an add-on to Adobe Analytics on November 21, 2019. It is aimed to provide more convenience to the user.

Customer travel analysis allows you to bring customer data from any channel you choose: both online and offline – on the Adobe Experience Platform, and then analyze this data in the same way you would do with the current digital information through Analysis Workspace. Customer Tour Analysis allows you to control how to connect data online and offline in Analysis Workspace on any universal client ID, which will enable you to perform attribution, segmentation, flow, drop-out processes, etc. across the entire Adobe Analytics customer data set.

Analytics Select, Prime, and Ultimate customers can purchase this additional product.

Privacy reports: Analytics Admin Console

When you enable Privacy Reports for Analytics, a set of reserved variables is added to a group of reports. The variables are intended to support the acquisition of customer consent data at the level of individual visits.

New dimensions:

  • Exclusion in the administration of consent
  • Inclusion in the administration of consent
  • Consent Administration Variables

Media collection API documentation

The new context data variables of the Analytics Consent Administration have been added to the Federated Analytics form. These variables are already available for use when making visits for sharing or selling visits to the federation.


  • An issue that caused an error while trying to remove date ranges, which was owned by “Unknown User,” has been resolved. (AN-185540)

The announcement of the end date in January 2020 of the View file option in the Panel Manager (Components> Panels) has been made.

  • End-of-use date of the Apply IP login restrictions option

New features, enhancements, and fixes in Audience Manager

Improvements in profile merge rules

  • We have launched a series of enhancements for the profile combination rules:
  • Segment evaluation can now be done in batch, for up to 100 devices.
  • We have improved the accuracy of reports for feature groups and segments.
  • We have improved the accuracy of batch files generated by cross-device ID.
  • We have updated the documentation with more detailed practical examples for each rule.

Smart recommendations for Audience Marketplace data, with Adobe Sensei technology

With Feature Recommendations, when you create or edit a segment in the Segment Builder, you now get recommendations on additional functions, which you can include, from Audience Marketplace data sources to which you are not subscribed. Add the recommended characteristics to the segment to increase the target audience.

Also, we have redesigned the Marketplace page to facilitate the search for similar features and the filtering of data sources.

Mass Administration Tools

Adobe analytics published a new version of the Mass Administration spreadsheet that works on macOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems, and that supports logging in to Experience Cloud.

HTTP Strict-Transport-Security

In this product update, Adobe has added support for HTTP Strict-Transport-Security.

Corrections and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug in the Audience Marketplace, where the user interface returned Error 409 when customers sent the monthly use of the segment.
  • Fixed a bug in Derived Signals, in which for a short time, customers could not create newly derived signals.
  • Fixed an issue in People-based Destinations, where customers could not change the name of a destination.
  • Fixed a bug in which some users had duplicate accounts to log in to the Audience Manager User interface.

With updates in Adobe Analytics tools, you can facilitate the operation of highly developed omni-channel experiences at the high scale.

The use of Adobe Campaign Customers and Adobe Experience Manager enables access to the latest personalized features related to Web Analytics. These new features can be implemented by Devrun Digital Marketing Agency. Contact us for further information!

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