Tealium: A Comprehensive Guide to 2023 Enhancements for Digital Analytics Experts

Tealium, a prominent name in the digital analytics landscape, has been instrumental in delivering top-notch tag management solutions. It’s continually evolving, and the year 2023 has brought an array of enhancements to its iQ Tag Management, Android, iOS, and Universal Tag (utag.js) modules. This article unravels the specifics of these updates, focusing on their impact on the digital analytics sphere.

Tealium iQ Tag Management: Amplifying User Convenience

Tealium iQ Tag Management, a front-runner in tag management systems, has introduced several modifications that significantly streamline user operations.

Rule Editing Simplified

Tealium has enhanced its rule editing capability from the Events tab. Users can now fine-tune rules directly from any rule popup viewable in the Summary view, eliminating the need to switch to the Load Rules tab. This update demonstrates Tealium’s commitment to user-friendly interfaces.

Crucial Fixes

In 2023, Tealium addressed several issues that were impacting user experience, including:

  • Publish Settings: An issue preventing the saving of publish settings when multiple-comma separated email publish notifications were configured has been fixed.
  • Add Rule Function: Users were unable to discard the Add Rule function within the Add Event workflow. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Publish Cooldown Timer: There was an issue where the publish cooldown timer didn’t complete. This problem has been rectified, ensuring a smoother workflow for users.

These fixes have significantly enhanced the user experience, making the platform more reliable for digital analytics practitioners.

Tealium iQ Tag Management: Augmenting Client-Side Tags

Client-side tags are a vital part of Tealium’s offerings. In 2023, the company introduced new features and fixes to enhance its utility.

New Marketplace Tag

The year 2023 saw the introduction of a new marketplace tag, Neustar IDMP Site Activity. This addition broadens the scope of Tealium’s tag management capabilities.

Improvements and Updates

Tealium has also updated several existing tags, such as the Adobe Experience Cloud ID Service tag and the Boost.ai tag, to add new methods and improve existing ones. This ensures that users always have access to the latest features and functionalities.

Tealium iQ Tag Management: Server-Side Connectors

Server-side connectors are critical for effective tag management. In 2023, Tealium introduced new marketplace connectors and implemented vital fixes to existing ones.

New Marketplace Connectors

Tealium added two new marketplace connectors, Amazon Ads Conversions and Google Ads Store Sales. These additions bolster the variety of connectors available to users, augmenting the tool’s versatility.

Fixes and Updates

Several existing connectors, such as the Amazon Firehose connector and the Yahoo DataX connector, saw important updates and fixes. These changes further enhance the functionality and reliability of Tealium’s server-side connectors.

Tealium iQ Tag Management: Consent and Data Privacy

Data privacy is a crucial aspect of digital analytics. Tealium addressed several issues in the Consent and Data Privacy section in 2023, further enhancing the tool’s credibility.

Enhanced User Interface

Tealium fixed a visual issue with the header when scrolling in the Map Tags section of a Consent Integrations Purpose Group. This change improves the user interface, making it more intuitive.

Improved Performance

Tealium also resolved a UI freezing issue when clicking Save on Map Tags UI, which was resulting in a Page Unresponsive error. This fix significantly improves the tool’s performance, making it more efficient for users.

Tealium for Android: Enhancements for Better Functionality

Tealium for Android saw crucial updates in 2023, both in Java and Kotlin versions, further amplifying its functionality.

Java Version Updates

In its Java version, Tealium introduced the sessionCountingEnabled flag to TealiumConfig. This allows the disabling of session counting for Tealium iQ accounts using self-hosted JavaScript files, offering users greater control.

Kotlin Version Updates

In the Kotlin version, Tealium fixed an issue where events were arriving at dispatchers out of order. This fix ensures the correct sequencing of events, contributing to more accurate analytics.

Tealium for Cordova: Improved Data Handling

Tealium for Cordova saw an update in 2023, which improved the handling of Map type from the Ionic plugin. Map types are now converted to Object where necessary, facilitating better data management.

Tealium for iOS: Streamlining Code and Enhancing Performance

In 2023, Tealium for iOS (Swift) underwent several low-impact changes aimed at streamlining code and enhancing performance.

Data Layer Clean-up

Unnecessary data from the data layer, a remnant from a previous migration from the Objective-C library, was removed. This clean-up enhances code efficiency and reduces potential errors.

Crash Prevention

A potential crash on XCode 15 beta due to +load method being defined on an obj-c category of a Swift class was prevented. This change enhances the stability of the tool on the latest software versions.

Tealium Universal Tag (utag.js): Enhanced Cookie Transparency and Control

Tealium’s Universal Tag (utag.js) saw significant updates in 2023, with a focus on enhancing cookie transparency and control.

Standalone Cookies

In a shift from multi-value cookies, Tealium now uses standalone cookies as the default behavior in utag.js. This change offers more transparency and simplicity, particularly for data privacy audits.

Additional utag Settings

The utag settings were updated with new elements, including splitcookie, splitcookieallowlist, and alwayssetvid, offering users more control over their cookie settings.

In conclusion, Tealium continues to be a driving force in the digital analytics arena. Its consistent updates and enhancements in 2023 have further solidified its position as a go-to tool for web analysts and digital marketers alike. If you’re keen on leveraging the best from your tag management systems, keeping up with Tealium’s updates is undoubtedly beneficial.

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