New features and fixes in Adobe Experience Cloud.

Here are some of the Adobe Experience Cloud updates in terms of new features and fixes in the tool’s interface.

Adobe has deployed a back-end feature to control the asset sharing between Marketing Cloud-to-AEM and Marketing Cloud-to-Creative Cloud.

In addition, several issues have been fixed: the one who blocked the supply of new tenants in certain environments and the one that redirected users to by accessing via http instead of https.

Enhancements and new features in Adobe Analytics

In the Analysis Workspace you can add the ” last 13 full weeks ” in the preset dates.

You will be able to enable / disable the segment sharing in Experience Cloud and remove the segment share access from Analytics Segment Builder.

Important Notices for Adobe Analytics Administrators

The Adobe Analytics Reporting API will end the TLS 1.0 support starting on September 13th 2018, to maintain the high security standards of their customers. On the same date, the customers who access to the API will need to verify that they will not be affected by this change.

For the same reason, Adobe recommends to the Adobe Report Builder users to download ARB v5.6.21 since after the cut-off date, earlier versions of ARB will no longer work.

For more information, consult the Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes.



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