Web Analytics Product Update in Adobe Analytics Target Releases for September 2019

Adobe Analytics is an incorporated set of digital marketing services and solutions that are shaped by Adobe experts. It is also an instinctive interface that allows businesses and Adobe users to use Web Analytics, cloud-based services and solutions promptly.

Adobe Analytics Campaign Control Panel Update as of Web Analytics

Adobe Campaign offers an inbuilt and programmed way to send messages to individual users between online and offline marketing channels. It is now possible to envisage what customers want via experiences and understandings determined by their client’s behaviors and preferences.

In this Adobe Analytics update, the possibility for the Admin Users has added the possibility for Admin users to white list IP addresses for fixing the Campaign Classic instances. Also, Admin users can now also see the list of examples and requirements regarding the building updates in Web Analytics.

In this Web Analytics product update of Adobe Analytics, the Admin users will be able to receive feeds before the SSL certificates for their domains decease.

Moreover, the Admin users of Adobe Analytics can now remove the SSH keys, which were formerly added to access SFTP servers.

The control panel is accessible for the Adobe Campaign Classic and Adobe Campaign Standard customers, which was introduced on AWS. No update is obligatory to access the Control Panel.

Adobe Analytics Target Update as of Web Analytics

Enterprise permissions give consent to the target customers for the utilization of a single organization, and work areas are divided for diverse workflows or teams. The enterprise authorization function in Adobe Analytics makes the extent of optimization programs between teams. In this Web Analytics product update in Adobe Analytics, the Administrator API has been updated to use the integration account to operate all the work areas that are created in the organizations. Now, with the target release of September 2019, Enterprise permissions can grant the Adobe users the following controls to access.

  • You can opt for the working areas on which the integration to be applied.
  • You can apply a role to Adobe I / O integration: Approver, Editoro Observer.

Standard/Premium Target 19.9.1 (10 September 2019)

With the Target September 2019 version of Adobe Analytics, Enterprise permissions grant clients with the following right to use controls:

  • You can opt for the working areas on which the integration to be applied.
  • You can apply a role to Adobe I / O integration: Approver, Editor, or Observer.

Standard/Premium Target 19.9.2 (24 September 2019)

This maintenance release of this Web Analytics product update in Adobe Analytics includes the following improvements:

It covers numerous protection fixes that include security revise to the Rich Text Editor (RTE) in Visual Experience Composer (Visual Experience Composer). (TGT-35383)

Web Analytics Product Update in Experience Cloud interface of Adobe Analytics

Below are the Release notes for the Experience Cloud interface and product management.

  • In this product update, the security vulnerability has been resolute in embracing optional HTTP headers. (MCUI-9942)
  • A problem of switching between the accesses to Adobe Analytics for the companies has been solved. (MCUI-10049)

Bug Fixes Made in this Web Analytics Product Update of Adobe Analytics

  • The problem in certain edge cases has been resolved where the Adobe users had more than 100 libraries on the Publishing screen.
  • There was a bug in the environment that prohibited the Adobe Users from being able to unassign an Environment from a Library.
  • Updated the regex tester to be more explicit about the expected inputs and how the pattern you enter will be used at run-time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to be unable to upgrade an extension when the installed version had no settings and the latest version did
  • Fixed a bug that, in rare cases, caused unavailable environments to show as available
  • A problem has been resolved with basic services that were not reachable from the main Experience Cloud menu. (AN-184294)
  • An issue has been resolved with the bar on the left in Analysis Workspace alternating between a scroll bar and no scroll bar, causing a pulsating effect. (AN-183904)
  • The issues related to error reporting have been resolved. (AN -184135)
  • An issue of the downloading of fallout reports in .pdf / .xls / .rtf formats has been resolved. (AN-183165)
  • The problems related to operation through the Experience Cloud have been fixed. (AN-183376)
  • The problem of transferring the planned project assets, which were not working properly, has been sorted. (AN-183751)
  • The problem with eliminating scheduled reports has been resolved. As of this September Adobe Analytics update, the feed will now go to the administrator when the schedule owner is no longer there. (AN-181000)

With these target releases in this Web Analytics product update of Adobe Analytics, the companies can accomplish various benefits, and Adobe users can strengthen the functioning of the programs. The latest fixes, enhancements, and features in this Web Analytics product update can solve various issues in terms of operation. Also, these advancements will continue to take place for better functioning.

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