Adobe Marketing Cloud May 2021 Release

Adobe Marketing Cloud May 2021 Release - Devrun Digital Analytics Agency

Adobe Marketing Cloud May 2021 Release

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers a comprehensive set of solutions to enhance your digital marketing experience. In this article, we will discuss the latest product updates implemented for Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions in the month of May 2021.

You can also check other Adobe Experience Cloud product updates for May 2021.

Adobe Experience Manager Updates

Adobe Experience Manager is an advanced marketing content management solution from Adobe. The following changes were introduced into Experience Manager over the past month.

  • Publish deep hierarchies of content more efficiently using the new workflow model and steps.
  • Enable GraphQL API in Adobe Experience Manager to configure sites individually. You can create and manage custom GraphQL endpoints for the configurations using a new UI.
  • You can now configure the “Data&Time” and “Tags” data types according to your convenience. Also, a new “Tab Placeholder” data type was introduced.

Adobe also introduced a lot of other enhancements for Experience Manager Assets, Forms, and Commerce as a Cloud Service. A new version of Cloud Manager was also released in May, which had some improvements and bug fixes.

New Resources for Experience Manager

Adobe added two new articles on “Site Template” and “Quick setup SPA Editor and Remote SPA”. Moreover, the following videos for Experience Manager were added in May.

  • Adaptive form with Adobe Sign
  • Configure Adaptive form for fill and sign scenario
  • Create Adobe Sign API Application

Adobe Campaign Updates

Adobe Campaign didn’t receive any major updates in May. New videos or tutorial hasn’t been published as well. However, you can check out the recent release notes of the Adobe Campaign from the April release article.

Marketo Engage Updates

Adobe shipped a new release of Marketo Engage on May 7, 2021. This release will improve the stability and security of Marketo Engage infrastructure. The main changes implemented in this release are as follow:

  • Marketo Engage will forbid programmatic For POST submissions to the leadCapture/save and leadCapture/save2 It will reject unsupported form submissions by bots that spam customer’s digital analytics datasets.
  • Forms 1.0 has reached its end of support. So, existing Forms 1.0 assets lose their functionality. Therefore, any websites using Forms 1.0 assets will have to be remade using a Forms 2.0 Editor.


If you are having any trouble with the following Adobe Analytics updates, you can contact us for assistance. We are an expert Adobe Analytics agency, and we can help you with any updates or implementations.

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